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Humpy is a high-floating dry fly that seems to imitate everything, and at the same thing nothing. However, its effectiveness has been proven and it is most often tied in red or yellow (here in orange though). It imitates everything from mayflies and caddis flies, change the size and the colors and try it out for yourself to match the local conditions.

This pattern can be a bit tricky to tie but if you follow these steps you will be up and running producing dozens in no time. And if you don't want to tie it yourself, you can buy it here.


Hook: Ahrex FW501 sz 14

Thread: Danville 6/0 

Tail: Moose body hair cleaned and stacked (Elk hair works fine as well)

Body: Orange Floss

Back: Moose body hair (Elk hair works fine as well) 

Wing: Elk hair cleaned and stacked

Hackle: Mix of Grizzly and Brown

1. Tie in the thread and make sure you have a thread base to tie down the elk hair on. If you want, add a drop of varnish or glue before you tie in the elk hair to secure it even more.

2. Cut, clean and stack a bunch of elk hair. Measure it to the length of the hook. Transfer that measurement to your left hand.

3. Make two loose wraps around the elk hair and tighten the thread. 

4. Take a few turns of thread in front of the hair to put it in a vertical position. Cut the waste end.

5. Now split the wing in two equal parts and do figure eights, wrap a few thread wraps around the base of each wing as well.

6. Cut a small bunch of moose body hair and measure it against the hook. 

7. Tie in as shown. Don't put too much pressure closest to the tail as this will flare the hair too much.

8. Cut the waste against the bump from the elk hair. This way we get a smooth body.

9. Go back and forth with the tying thread to create that smooth body. This will make it easier later on to create a nice looking body.

10. Now grab some more moose body hair. Cut the tips with your scissors and tie in as shown.

11. Tie in the floss. Still make sure you have an even and smooth underbody.

12. Wrap the floss to about 3/5 off the length of the hook.

13. Fold the moose body hair over the floss. Try to get the hair not to cross over each other.

14. Cut the waste off and make a smooth base for the hackle wraps.

15. Strip the lower parts of a grizzly and brown dry fly hackle and tie it in.

16. Take both feathers and take three turns behind the wing.

17. Now make another two wraps in front of the wing and secure it with a couple thread wraps. Whipfinish and you're done!

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